2 Nov 2015

1. About this blog

“Oh! We know El Hierro. We went there last year for a couple of days. Didn’t like it much. Too quiet for us. No beaches, nothing to do. You can see everything in one day.”
How many times have I heard that! This blog is not really for fools like this but for those to whom “knowing” is more than just getting a tan and sending a postcard home. Over the years I’ve met curious people who’ve asked me the most extraordinary questions about the island, about its people, their customs and idiosyncrasies, … even about its politics! If you have anything you want to ask about, please contact me.
So I hope to tell you things about El Hierro that you won’t find in official brochures or guide books. Things that might help you understand this island. I may exaggerate a little sometimes, or be too critical, or simply wrong. The entries will not be in any special order, just more or less in the order I write them.
I take responsibility for my ideas and views and what I say, but I ask you to respect the principle of copyright. Unless stated otherwise, the pictures are mine.

I could have offered a wild flower but somehow apricot blossom seemed more appropriate.

(If you want to see superb National Geographic-type photos of the island, check out José Luis Rodríguez in Facebook, or Google JoseMRW13.)


  1. Only a few words but yet crystal clear. Imagine you had some sort of a similar filter at the entry of museums, it would discourage those who aren't really interested and would help those who are by making the place worth visiting!

    1. Thanks, Michelette!
      I hope the blog does encourage people to visit the Island. It really is worth visiting.