2 Mar 2020

56. A Note on Climate Change

Today, the second of March, for the first time ever I saw swallows here where I live in El Pinar. I can't swear they haven't been up here before, but I've never seen them till now. Down in Frontera at sea level, yes, but never at this altitude of 850 plus metres. I don't think I was mistaken either. As they fluttered and scooped above the vineyard, I could clearly see their white teeshirts and two long tail feathers. Unfortunately, I couldn't take a photo. I didn't even have my mobile.

Swifts, on the other hand, are fairly common and on many summer days we have flocks of them, the dark ones and the lighter ones together, screaming away in the sky. But recently not only in summer. I suspect that at least some of them stay and winter on the Island.

That is if winter is the word. We haven't had one this year, not even one of our usual mild winters that were rather weak excuses for some fashion-conscious young ladies to dig out their boots and furry collars.

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